Wendy’s Secret Menu

Wendy’s has a secret menu that makes your taste buds yell for more. These items won’t appear on their menu, yet it can be very popular among the local customers.

What is Secret Menu

In a specific Wendy’s location, an item generally found in the menu of other locations may not be included in the regular menu. However, the staff may be willing to make the food on your request.

Two Items on Wendy’s Secret Menu

The Barnyard and the Grand Slam are two food items on the secret menu that can set your taste buds rolling.

Wendy’s barnyard combines beef, spicy chicken, and bacon that prompts you to keep coming for more. Secret of this popular item is a beef patty, a chicken patty, cheese, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and tomato between soft buns. Having diverse meats, the burger can satisfy your hunger to the core. An innovation, the burger mashes two different meats from across the farm between two soft buns. Protein-packed meats along with stuff such as bacon and cheese offer a dining experience that is simply delicious.

The Grand Slam burger is a perfect thing for those who like plenty of protein and meat, but do not really appreciate diversity. This is for the conventionalists who want a single kind of meat in the burger. If you like a beef patty, you will certainly like this stuff of Wendy’s, more so because you get 4 thick all-beef patties in the burger. It also has a slice of cheese at the bottom and at the top, along by lettuce. And then you have the option of extra layers of cheese. Also known as the meat cube, it is a gastronomical monstrosity.

As for the price of the burgers, it may vary with location. And as you may guess from the ingredients, it may be northwards. However, if you are feeling ravenous and want to have yourself filled with a single food item, the Grand Slam is the thing. Even a couple of patties are enough to bring out an expression of satisfaction and when they are four in number, it is simply enough to get you pronounce a wow! However, to make sure you are able to finish the burger, walk into the outlet with an empty stomach.

Foie Gras Burger

This burger enables you enjoy a Japanese delicacy meal called foie gras. If you do not understand what the term means, it is a burger topped with goose liver.

The barnyard and the grand slam are nothing less than two glories of the Wendy’s. Not all fast food chains let you enjoy such juicy meats mashed between the buns. If you like exciting, meat-filled burgers, you are for sure going to enjoy these burgers.

Though the Grand Slam is supposed to be a simplified Barnyard, it is not in real terms. A mouth-watering stuff with four beef patties, it is a tall burger enough to have it in full. You may choose to have some condiments to enhance even more.