Wendy’s Nutrition

Wendy’s has been known for burgers heavy on fat. Their hamburgers have had high calories content and they had no qualms accepting it on the face. They give people the burgers they love and that is something they have never been apologetic about. Their triple baconator meal that includes a few fries and some coke pumps in 1,850 calories and 106 grams of fat. Consider it across the fact that ideal calorie intake of people should be 2500-3000 calories.

wendys_chiliThe chain’s website clearly mentions the calories, fat, trans-fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, and sodium content of each item on their menu. You even get to see vitamin A, C, iron and calcium content. However, you will need to spend some time watching these details as you only get to see one item at a time on the website.

Here is some interesting intake on the calories in Wendy’s stuff:

  • Cool and creamy small classic chocolate frosty® has 340 calories.
  • 1 salad serving of Wendy’s caesar side salad has 250 calories. Calories breakdown is 60% fat, 28% carbs, and 12% protein.
  • A small cup of Wendy’s chili has 180 calories, while a large cup contains 270 calories.
  • A side order of fries, depending on the serving size, has between 220 and 500 calories.
  • Grilled chicken sandwich has 34 grams of protein and 370 calories.

Intake of Calories

Calories intake in various Wendy’s menu items is 830 for ½ double with cheese, 240 for ¼ lb hamburger patty, 590 for ¼ lb single with cheese, 450 for 10-piece chicken nuggets, 180 for 4-piece chicken nuggets, 180 for small all natural lemonade, 40 for American cheese, 80 for Apple balsamic vinaigrette, 580 for Apple pecan chicken salad, 25 for 1 strip Applewood smoked bacon, 500 for artisan egg sandwich with all natural sausage, 290 for artisan sandwich, 380 for full size Asian cashew chicken salad, 960 for baconator, 180 for small barq’s root beer, 590 for BBQ ranch chicken salad, 160 for brewed sweetened iced tea, and 170 for toasted brioche bun.

Some more details follow. 540 calories for grilled Asian ranch chicken club, 680 for homestyle Asiago chicken club, 670 for spicy Asiago ranch chicken club, 480 for bacon & cheddar baked potato, 600 for bacon portabella melt on brioche, 120 for buttermilk ranch dipping sauce, 50 for buttery best spread, 250 for Caesar side salad, 270 for grilled chicken go wrap, 370 for spicy chicken go wrap, and 530 for chilli cheese fries.


Expect 810 for large chocolate frosty shake, 540 for small chocolate frosty shake, 300 for chocolate frosty waffle cone, 340 for small classic chocolate frosty, 340 for small classic frosty, 160 for small coca cola, and 170 for small fanta orange.

Kids’ Menu Items

You get 35 for apple’s slices, 270 for cheeseburger, 270 for grilled chicken wrap, 240 for hamburger, 200 for junior classic chocolate frosty, 190 for junior classic vanilla frosty, 100 for Apple juice, 280 for large all natural lemonade, 360 for large Barq’s root beer, 40 for light honey French dressing 1 packet, 45 for light ranch dressing 1 packet,  100 for mocha iced coffee, 170 for toasted multigrain bun, 530 for large natural cut fries, 290 for oatmeal bar, 130 for small orange juice, 160 for small pibb xtra, 270 for 10 oz plain baked potato, 70 for 1 packet pomegranate vinaigrette, 470 for premium cod sandwich, 190 for toasted premium bun, 680 for pretzel bacon cheeseburger, 650 for pretzel pub sandwich with spicy chicken, and 480 for pulled pork cheese fries with smoky BBQ.