KFC Secret Menu

The KFC secret menu boasts an enticing range of interesting extras to the KFC menu, so you can be sure of finding something that is to your taste! Thanks to menu items such as the Triple Down, customised hot pocket bowl, and more, the secret menu simply enhances your dining experience! Getting a sneak-peak of the KFC secret menu will help you out the next time when you walk in a KFC outlet.

The KFC secret menu items are below:

Build-Your-Own Bowl

If the KFC bowl isn’t pleasing you, you have their build-your-own-bowl option at hand. It enables you get creative with the bowl, virtually adding anything on KFC’s menu right into a bowl. This allows you to get for yourself a one-of-a-kind personal bowl. You can have a bowl with french fries covered with gravy, cheese, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. The customization makes the KFC build-your-own bowl is a fantastic option.

Hot Pocket Bowl

KFC hot pocket bowl comprises a pocket of dough with chicken along with loads of cheese, gravy and corn. However, not all KFC outlets have the ingredients of the hot pocket bowl, so you will have to enquire about that with your local restaurant. Hot pocket bowl is something that is more delicious than the regular KFC bowl.


Poutine is a mouthwatering Canadian delicacy that can be ordered in KFC fast food outlets. It is a large plate of French fries along with piping hot cheese curds smothered in gravy. Ask to the staff at your local restaurant if they have ingredients to prepare poutine.

Triple Down

After the heavyweight double down, KFC has introduced the monstrous triple down that fills the stomach to the hilt. This grand product carries great amount of cholesterol, fat, and taste. For anyone who has tasted triple down before, it is simply irresistible. All ingredients of the double down are present in the triple down as well. I is enhanced by extra chicken patty, extra bacon and extra cheese which pamper your taste buds even more.

Thanks to the secret menu, you are also able to get extras:


KFC allows you to get extra bacon to any entrée item. You are able to upgrade and customize your meals. You just have to tell the staff if you want your chicken sandwich, bowl, or any other regular menu item enhanced with bacon. As for the pricing and availability of bacon, it may differ location to location, as with other items on the menu.

Mashed Potatoes

You may also choose mashed potatoes to add to a food item. You may request the KFC staff to put up creamy mashed potatoes doused in rich gravy on the item you have chosen.

Biscuits on the Side

Regular visitors to KFC are used to dine with the complementary biscuits on the side of meal. Anyone who has a habit of enjoying the warm innards of a biscuit won’t like it if they have to finish a single entrée without them. An option for you is to order biscuits as a side. Order biscuits as a side to circumvent the problem. Slather the biscuits in butter or honey and enjoy.