KFC Secret Menu

KFC has a rich menu, so you may be wondering if they actually require a secret menu. But they do have one, taking the list of their offerings to another level. Diners availing of secret menu get the options such as the Triple Down, or enhanced extras.

Herein are the secret menu items you can find in the KFC.

Build-Your-Own Bowl

Some diners complain that the KFC bowls do not match their preferences. There may not be enough meat, they may be too high on vegetables, the ingredients you want may just be missing. If the bowl does not make your mouth water, KFC provides you the flexibility to build your own bowl. This allows you to get every ingredient you want in a delicious manner. You can get filled handmade creations right from popcorn chicken to French fries. You just have to tell the staff what you want in the bowl and they will do that.

Hot Pocket Bowl

Generally, you have to try hot pockets blended with the other ingredients. It is an innovation on the chicken bowl, comprising of a chicken hot pocket, doused in melted cheese, along with hot gravy and corn. KFC lets you suggest the proportion of ingredients in the hot pocket bowl, making it a delicious alternative to the regular bowl.


Poutine may seem an unusual word, but it is a Canadian delicacy reproduced by the KFC. The chain has earned a reputation for making a fantastic stew of french fries and cheese curds smothered in hot gravy.

Triple Down

This is a stomach filler of great proportions, carrying enormous amount of cholesterol, fat, and deliciousness. When the Double Down was introduced, the irresistible fried food became widespread success. The KFC has taken another step further by bringing the Triple Down which has all the ingredients of a Double Down, along with an extra chicken patty, extra cheese, and extra bacon.

The KFC also enables you to add extras:


Extra bacon adds spark to your eyes, isn’t it? Adding bacon to your regular KFC dining experience does take it to another level. You can get extra bacon on any food item, though it comes at a price. It is fatty and tasty, and people simply love it to top their savory food with it. You just have to ask the staff to add bacon on top of the stuff you have ordered. The cost of bacon differs according to location.

Mashed Potatoes

On your request, KFC can add mashed potatoes to any entrée of your choosing. You may get a scoop of creamy mashed potatoes doused in rich gravy on a stuff of your choice.

Biscuits on the Side

Many KFC customers are used to dining with the complementary biscuits on the side of your food. You may not really appreciate it when you finish a single entrée but the warm innards of a biscuit are not there to enjoy. Order biscuits as a side to circumvent the problem. Pry open the warm biscuits and slather them in butter or honey.