KFC Nutrition

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has always given top priority to the quality of ingredients they use. They are willing to walk an extra mile to ensure expectations regarding quality of food are met, consistently.

Here is some brief information about the ingredients used on the KFC menu, calories present in food items and other relevant information.

Famous Bowl

Take in 680 calories from the Famous Bowl, while factoring in about two tablespoons of bacon bits (consisting about 60 calories). The total goes to 740 calories.

Chicken Dishes

KFC sources chicken from trusted suppliers that stick to international safety norms. When biting into a chicken dish, you can be sure the quality is top-notch. It is real whole muscle chicken as 99.9% stuff does not taste the same. They have put in place a system to transport, distribute and store under temperature controlled conditions. Moreover, the chicken is marinated in outlets at the right temperature. Cooks cook it at temperature above 170 deg C and keep it at temp around 60 Deg C, so that customers get it hot. KFC makes it a point to cook the chicken fresh, several times a day.

In certain countries, they exclusively pick up the very best halal compliant suppliers and work with them long-term. Chickens are assigned a unique supplier code, batch number, and best before date, so that every single chicken is traced from farm to restaurant.

Trans Fat

All products at KFC have zero added trans fat. The nutrition analysis of KFC food stuff is conducted by NABL accredited and ISO 17025 certified laboratories establishing that there is no trans fat per portion.

Veg Products

In Alphonso Burst average portion is 338 gram, energy is 393.43 kcal, carbohydrates 52.73 gram, and protein 22.82 gram. Total fat is 10.14 gram, MUFA 2.37 gram, PUFA 0.34 gram, sat. fat 7.44 gram and sodium 0.10 gram. Trans fat is not detected.

In Alphonso Burst average portion 287 gram, energy is 380.13 kcal, carbohydrate 75.14 gram, and protein 5.63 gram. Total fat is 6.34 gram, MUFA 1.84 gram, PUFA 0.46 gram, sat. fat 4.05 gram and sodium 0.15 gram. Trans fat is not detected.

In Cheezy Crunch Burger average portion is 150 gram, energy is 419.4 kcal, carbohydrates 45.78 gram, and protein 6.69 gram. Total fat is 23.28 gram, MUFA 8.415 gram, PUFA 4.635 gram, sat. fat 10.23 gram and sodium 0.861 gram. Trans fat is not detected.

In Cheezy Crunch Wrap average portion is 110 gram, energy is 252.516 kcal, carbohydrates 30.569 gram, and protein 3.751 gram. Total fat is 12.804 gram, MUFA 4.411 gram, PUFA 2.629 gram, sat. fat 5.764 gram and sodium 0.6391 gram. Trans fat is not detected.

Non-Veg Products

In Chicken Popcorn Rice Bowlz average portion is 305 gram, energy is 631.75 kcal, carbohydrates 85.78 gram, and protein 21.67 gram. Total fat is 22.44 gram, MUFA 8.74 gram, PUFA 3.51 gram, sat. fat 10.12 gram and sodium 1.70 gram. Trans fat is not detected.

In Chicken Rockin’ Burger average portion is 150 gram, energy is 404.88 kcal, carbohydrates 38.87 gram, and protein 18.75 gram. Total fat is 19.38 gram, MUFA 6.79 gram, PUFA 6.05 gram, sat. fat 6.54 gram and sodium 0.68 gram. Trans fat is not detected.

In Chicken Snacker average portion is 105.3 gram, energy is 257.5 kcal, carbohydrates 31.61 gram, and protein 12.68 gram. Total fat is 8.93 gram, MUFA 3.03 gram, PUFA 3.12 gram, sat. fat 2.78 gram and sodium 0.50 gram. Trans fat is not detected.